About Laser Leveling Service

With over 35 years experience in laser leveling, land excavating & grading we are your trusted company when it comes to projects like:

Grading and laser leveling agricultural fields with laser controlled equipment; surveying properties to establish boundary lines, roadways and accurate acreage measurements; installation of irrigation systems, pipelines, valves, pumps, etc; installation of water retention systems, such as ponds, tanks and reservoirs; grading and paving of roadways and parking areas; orchard removal; grading and leveling horse dressage arenas,round pens and jumper rings.

The services we provide always include our commitment to finishing the job the way you envisioned it, in a timely manner and at a fair price. Laser Leveling Service perfroms in a matter that's the start of a long-term relationship; Which leads to why we do our best to bid your job as accurately as possible. While there are always changes in every construction project, we work closely with you to anticipate and communicate those changes to minimize surprises. Let's get working today, feel free to call us at (805) 340-9121.

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