Excavating, Grading & Laser Leveling Services

Laser Leveling Service has been the preferred residential and commercial excavating, grading & landing leveling service provider in Ventura County and throughout Southern California for over 35 years.

Laser Leveling Service has the skills and experience required to get the job done right the first time. Our trusted team of professional excavators are not just earth movers, they are knowledgeable and speaclize in:

  • Leveling Agricultural Fields
  • Surveying Properties
  • Grading Roadways
  • Installation of Irrigation Systems
  • Water Retention Systems
  • Commercial Building Pads
  • Residential Building Pads
  • Grading & Paving
  • Laser Leveling Parking Lots
  • Orchard Removal
  • Horse Dressage Arenas
  • Horse Round Pens
  • Horse Jumper Rings
  • Construction of Reservoirs
  • Laser Land Leveling
  • Installation of Valves
  • Pipelines
  • Drainlines
  • Trenching
  • Drainage & Elevation Issues
  • Green House Grading

Project Categories

Agricultural Land Leveling

Agricultural Laser Land Leveling & Grading

Laser leveling results in a much more level field because accuracy can be improved by as much as 50% compared with the other systems.

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water retention systems/reservoirs

Reservoir Construction

Our solid experience in structural construction technologies, ground treatment, and water infrastructure developments make us a leader in water retention systems.

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Storm Drains & Pipeline Systems

Laser Leveling Service has the capacity to simultaneously construct multiple spreads across the Ventura County area and California. Our modern pipeline construction techniques put us among the elite in the pipeline construction field.

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sports fields grading services

Sports Field Grading

Offering laser grading services for the sports field industry including: baseball, soccer, football & tennis courts. Whether you are engaged in new sports field construction or are looking for a maintenance solution through surface renovation or top dressing, we utilize the latest laser technology in sports field leveling.

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Land Development

Land Development

Our land development services are carried out with a range of laser leveling equipment, to heavy equipment like mini excavators, large excavators as well as bulldozers and gravel trucks, along with professional operators to ensure we use the right tools for the job.

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Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

Laser Leveling Service has been leading the commercial construction & excavation industry, our experience and expertise in the excavation field make us the best choice for all your commercial projects.

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Field Land Trenching


Trenching can be achieved by a wide variety of methods, such as backhoe, excavator, mini excavator and chain trencher. We can use any of these methods to complete the trenching that is required but feel the key is to use the proper method to minimize disruption to the surrounding area.

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Horse Dressage Arenas

Horse Dressage Arenas

Specializing in long lasting, custom-built arenas, each surface is designed with high quality materials and built to exacting standards. Our custom sand mixes are blended to meet your specific needs and laser installed to ensure uniformity of cush and depth.

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